Sunset Syrup

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Like you enjoying your evening in your nightmare.
"Usually happens on dusk..."
"What you mean dusk?"
"You know better..."
"u mean the soft orange taste i'm feelin now?"
"That's your fuckin tongue youre chewin"
"So that's why you brought me here? to show me my..."
"it will if you keep doin that."
"Doin wha?"
"Goddamit, stop doin that for fucks sake."
"I'm not doin noin..."
"Youre eatin..."
"Common, you little jealous bastard."
"Are you..."
"It's mine and I'm g..."
"Aiight, go eat whatever yours."
"Well...go fuck yourself"
"you want some?"
"Do you want some?"
"Did you just..."
"Well i'll give you some if..."
"You belived it, you've belived it!"
"Is this whatchu always wanted?"
"It's a good deal."
"Here, Enjoy it, and rest in peace."
"Do you really need that?"

Dear Compos Mentis

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Time passes, And wonderfully I'm still me. Not givin a nasty fuck about what people are happy about. New year's commin. And I'm just too fuckin much stupid to understand them. Too much retarded to be consider one of dem. Fuck it, gotta count the chromies again.
Happy new year people.

No, It's not Raining.

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I'm schizophrenic, And why not?

Who the hell was there too you said?

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And there's
and i am
and everything

his face

Letter to ma Love

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All these got no meaning without lovin you,
and who da fuck is you?

¡No hay banda!

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Fuck You Søren

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Who da fuck is you?

  I'm deaf.
You don't exist now.

In Da Kitchen

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Hoppin out the Rolls Royce
Sneakers love to roar
The right one kept the paddle low
Wildest nigga you know
Shahreziban version of Scarface
Fuck with the god's say
Piss in your broad's face
Chains stay chunky like Oprah belly
Got the purple and the brown:
Peanut butter and jelly
When I step up in the spot with the rocky, you see the
Popular poppy rappers go in their pocket and pull out their wallet
When I click-clack
Now, get up on the ground
Cause a Onyx, Pete Rock, Chuck D shut em down
You know term, I'm the kid with the 'preme beats
Butter Pecan J Lo, chick with the mean cheeks
Rubies on my gold fronts, iced out notebook
Makin volcanoes in the kitchen when the coke cook
I rode around with all kinds of thugs
High on drugs, pissin out tiger blood

You're so missed

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From then, When im walkin in da dark, im talkin to mayself, becuz
youre gone. I always be thinkin of you. I'm so bored without you.
Youre so missed, Ma cheap wrecked down headphone.

Can you believe that?

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shit. i got robbed man. just right now. 3 chump muthafuckas on a motobike.
fuck it. i's bopin ma head to the music, ma headphone on, rockin stat qou's By my side, pussy backstabbaz hit ma leg on the bike and then two jumped down, rags on, one hold the burner at me, yellin i'm gonna shootو take'em off, while the other one with knife, hands to reach ma pocket, i's like what the fuck! can you just believe it?! Crazy muthafuckas ryde around the hood turnin the heat, runnin on homeyz! sent a punch to the first one, shoved him back, made him loose the toy, at the moment i felt like something is draggin ma headphone, i saw the knife bastard holdin ma nokia xpressmusic tryin to grab ma headphone too. i hopped toward him also tryin to dodge his blade, cutted ma hand while his fellow sat on the bike, the guy with ma phone in his hands joined them soon as i saw ma blood all over ma left hand, they were beginnin to run as i jumped on the ryder hopin not to let him go, no consequence but towing me all across the street until i hit the sidewalk and fell on the ground on ma head. then these jailbait assholes think their so tough. Gimme a break man, 3 on 1? bare hands? what are you boastin about then bitch? and i guess ma fist put it's stamp on his face.
But i'll find them punks, North Sazman St. will be battlefield tomorrow. Wait on me motha fuckas.
Can you believe that? Three ape lookin cabbagaz with a gat and a knife. Shit.
Can you hear da Darkness?