Dear Compos Mentis

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Time passes, And wonderfully I'm still me. Not givin a nasty fuck about what people are happy about. New year's commin. And I'm just too fuckin much stupid to understand them. Too much retarded to be consider one of dem. Fuck it, gotta count the chromies again.
Happy new year people.

No, It's not Raining.

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I'm schizophrenic, And why not?

Who the hell was there too you said?

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And there's
and i am
and everything

his face

Letter to ma Love

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All these got no meaning without lovin you,
and who da fuck is you?

¡No hay banda!

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Fuck You Søren

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Who da fuck is you?

  I'm deaf.
You don't exist now.

In Da Kitchen

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Hoppin out the Rolls Royce
Sneakers love to roar
The right one kept the paddle low
Wildest nigga you know
Shahreziban version of Scarface
Fuck with the god's say
Piss in your broad's face
Chains stay chunky like Oprah belly
Got the purple and the brown:
Peanut butter and jelly
When I step up in the spot with the rocky, you see the
Popular poppy rappers go in their pocket and pull out their wallet
When I click-clack
Now, get up on the ground
Cause a Onyx, Pete Rock, Chuck D shut em down
You know term, I'm the kid with the 'preme beats
Butter Pecan J Lo, chick with the mean cheeks
Rubies on my gold fronts, iced out notebook
Makin volcanoes in the kitchen when the coke cook
I rode around with all kinds of thugs
High on drugs, pissin out tiger blood

You're so missed

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From then, When im walkin in da dark, im talkin to mayself, becuz
youre gone. I always be thinkin of you. I'm so bored without you.
Youre so missed, Ma cheap wrecked down headphone.

Can you believe that?

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shit. i got robbed man. just right now. 3 chump muthafuckas on a motobike.
fuck it. i's bopin ma head to the music, ma headphone on, rockin stat qou's By my side, pussy backstabbaz hit ma leg on the bike and then two jumped down, rags on, one hold the burner at me, yellin i'm gonna shootو take'em off, while the other one with knife, hands to reach ma pocket, i's like what the fuck! can you just believe it?! Crazy muthafuckas ryde around the hood turnin the heat, runnin on homeyz! sent a punch to the first one, shoved him back, made him loose the toy, at the moment i felt like something is draggin ma headphone, i saw the knife bastard holdin ma nokia xpressmusic tryin to grab ma headphone too. i hopped toward him also tryin to dodge his blade, cutted ma hand while his fellow sat on the bike, the guy with ma phone in his hands joined them soon as i saw ma blood all over ma left hand, they were beginnin to run as i jumped on the ryder hopin not to let him go, no consequence but towing me all across the street until i hit the sidewalk and fell on the ground on ma head. then these jailbait assholes think their so tough. Gimme a break man, 3 on 1? bare hands? what are you boastin about then bitch? and i guess ma fist put it's stamp on his face.
But i'll find them punks, North Sazman St. will be battlefield tomorrow. Wait on me motha fuckas.
Can you believe that? Three ape lookin cabbagaz with a gat and a knife. Shit.

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From nothin we raised & from nothin still raisin
nineteen years watch da whole life goes down
nineteen years in da block hustlin
not to make money
i aint even been lookin fo respect
i's just runnin
that's cuz i had to
got used to
i supposed to be bad
hopin god to save ma soul & pay ma roll
goin down not ba maself but alone
got no lost love to just hug
no one could ever find me lovely
got no kindly mommy
no softly popy
been grown up as the crime rate grows
the way these projects rose
before those wankstas pose
ma boys are eyewitnesses
but you can watch it by yo own eyz
if you don believe me
you welcome
represenin trash towns of dirty T
cold cornaz of \SHZ
thug i ever be

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Axxon n.
The longest running radio play in the history,
Tonight, Continuing in the weekend,
A great winner day
and a great hotel.

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A little boy went out to play.
When he opened his door, He saw the world.
A he passed through the doorway,
He caused a Reflection.
Evil was born.
Evil was born and followed the boy.

-I'm sorry, What is that?

An old tale, And the variation.

A little girl went out to play.
Lost in the marketplace.
As if have born.
Not through the marketplace,
You see that, don't you?
But through the alley behind the marketplace,
This is the way to the palace.
But, It Isn't something you remember.
It happens to us all and me,
oh, I am the worst one.

Where was i?

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How many eyes do i have? Can you count fo me please?
...then he felt he found da way
looked sharpa
you neva know when you're lost
even when everything's familia
untill he sat down
and think
is there a way?
fo real?
You can't imagine how lonely i am.
Not a lil bit.
Watt am i look like?

Another State of Mind

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    Men went deep in science, knowledge, they've been lookin for Certainty.

 All they found was Doubt, in Delusion.

State of Mind

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I am just a fool,
Searching for a stool, a stool,
Tryin to look real cool, 

Life is but a dream,

Drifting on a stream, a stream,
Consciously it seems, All of what remains,

     Ego Brain,
and it's a shame,
Love after it rains,

You see my pain is real,
Watch my world dissolve,
And pretend that none of us see the Fall,
As I turn to sand,
You took me by the hand,
And declared, that love prevails over all. All of what remains,
Despite our ego brain,

Now I'm just a man,
Fighting other men,
For land, for land,
While I turn to sand,
While I turn to sand.
All of what remains,

     Ego Brain,
and it's a shame,
Love after rain,
 All of what remains.


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Baby mama let's roll,
Here we go,
Cheerio, cereal
Killa with the flow
And the blow and the dro'
And the gun go ring,
Hit 'em all in a row
Let 'em know from the door how it go,
It's not a joke,
There's gon' be a homicide,
I'm a ride,
I'm a rep me a nigga up in the box
And send 'em to his folks,
His bloods,
His kin,
The drama it don't end,
Bust a gun,
Bust a nigga's face open with the hand
Tell 'em go tell a friend,
Tell a cop,
Tell the FEDS,
I don't give a mufuck,
You niggas in the Ps,
I'ma let the world see you,
You a bitch,
You a snitch
I'm a Mobb Deep gangsta, Infamous soldier,
If you got a cold heart then my shit just froze over
Range Rover,
Chevy Suburban, the bullet proof trim
The windows on the crib, bullet proof them


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    Do you ever noticed that at our new world, everybody that is anybody has his/her own profile?

     For me, all my pains and suffer began, as i consider i am any body.
But i shouldn't. There is no i. That's what No One Can understand.

    For all human beings, you think, how can some One be in the world of every ones, who is a One? You?


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        This goes to all ma dawgz from southern hood,
        This goes to all bitches of 6th street,
        This goes to all fictional fakers of freakin world,
         includin me.
        Oh! Shit this just not gone completely yet!

Swimmmmin P8l

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Round, Round,

a girl hangin tight of ceiling lamp,
can you belive that?
a girl half inch tall,
any moment might fall,
can you belive that?

went in da brain,
what did she want?
through left ear hole,
you know she wants to eat.

A rush of words,
Pleading to disperse,
Upon your naked walls, alive,
A poetical call,
The fall guy accord,
We can't afford to be neutral on a moving train,

Round, Round,

Square pixels rearrange,
to make an image of a curve,
black tress iv seen before,
received through electromagnetic wave,
are we far as an image?
close as a curve?

Pushing little children,
With their fully automatics,
They like to push the weak around,
Push them around,

A deer dance, invitation to peace,
Love staring you in the face, dressed in gray.
With a helmet, disgusting,
Trained and appropriate for the malcontents,
For the disproportioned malcontents,
The lil boy smiled, it'll all be well,
The lil boy smiled. it'll all be well,

Pushing little children,
With your fully automatics,
we like to push the weak around, 

Iiiiiiii like to push the weak around.

Start of da endin

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sittin on da street side,
da sun shines, burnin all antz on the melt down asphalt,
my men bide, bahman smoke risin, nothin surprisin,
neve puke cuz nothin inside, nothin to give, sweat dries, sweet cool midsummer night made upon our lies,
neve comes, waitin fo who knows when stop, wait,
fo non-stop stoppin, swimmin on no color tide of vacuity,
floatin in the solid earth,its da duty, no sense of tired
no poetical emotions, this is lyrical inspire,
sure, nothin but da real shit presentin,
its blendin, of mind n mine, da life's storm make da words sendin
ego to all of these pendant, open ya eyez up, take it,
its just start of ya Endin

Why NOT?

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        Life is a gamble, We scramble for money,
        I might crack a smile but aint damn things funny...

   Do you ever thought 'bout this causality shit includes every single entity be in your mind?
Let's think this no-end string of causes in da world is perfect n tight. There's some facts all around da univrs. But we always have only some in mind, though, da long fckin string is STILL PERFECT. Did you get da shit? We dont got all of material--i mean facts we need to make series of causes but we already have. What ju think? You might have some no-shit-of-importance that you sure is fact, is true, But by all the facts n causes that built da universe, its nothin. And when you step away n take a look at all ur world you have on your mind, you see it PERFECT, i mean you wont see no problem, not even lil disorder in your insight. But do you really know everything or what? Yuknowamsayn? Ya mind always fills the empties, does da vacancies. I don know what a human being might think about this shit, 'whats da big deal?', 'who cares?', 'crazy bullshit'... yeah iv gone mad crazy ill, but i know somthin now, We live in pure illusion. why im writing this shit? do you really wanna know? do you think im livin at da same world you livin? whats da cauz? Now im writin bulshit BeCause im bored of learnin JavaScript. Can you relate? I think its very logical and makes very sense. Who fuck on the earth wanna deny? Im sure n gonna argue on that. Who wanna bet? why not?

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Is it, money or women to funny
beginnings, tragic endings
I can make a million and STILL not
get enough of spending
And since my life is based on sinnin, I'm hellbound
Rather be buried than be worried, livin held down
My game plan to be trained and, military
Mind of a Thug Lord, sittin in the cemetary
Caught, I've been lost since my
adolescence, callin to Allah
Ballin as a youngster, wonderin if he sees us
Young black male, crack sales got me three strikes
Livin in jail, this is hell, enemies die
Wonder when we all pass is anybody listenin?
Got my, hands on my semi shotty, everybody's bitchin
Please God can you understand me, bless my family
Guide us all, before we fall into insanity
I make it a point, to make my peep bumpin warlike
Drop some shit, to any stupid bitches don't fight...

%#Gass'd Up Pussy Lookin' Mutha****"

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You mistaken me for somebody that you should be testing,
You should be stressing I'm gonna fucking teach you a lesson,
RAP 101's in session Em lace the track that I'm blessing,
Smith and Wesson's, the weapon, in case you just guessing, god damn
These straight busters kept-in, kept-in my Benz, hop-in the end's,
Watch the 22 spin, my hoe's a perfect 10
I got shot up but I got up and I'm back at it again,
Motherfuckers they thought I wouldn’t win, pretend to be friends,
At first you fail, try, try, try, try again,
I'm the best - don't you get it? Forget it, when I spit it, it's crazy,
You love it, admit it, you like that, I live it,just praise me,
INVERT mass in your ass bitch, if it's not a classic,
When it's dumped, trash it, so I got it mastered,
Stop and get your ass kicked, bastard, your misses get drastic,
Glock made out of plastic, cock-it and get blasted,
Run nigga and stash it

Picture a perfect picture, picture me in the pimp hat
Picture me starting shit, picture me busting my gat,
Picture police mad they ain't gotta picture of that,
Picture me being broke, picture me smoking a sack,
Picture me coming up, picture me rich from rap,
Picture me blowing up, now picture me going back,
To my momma basement to live, shit, picture that,
Where I'm from it's a fact, you gotta watch your back,
You wear a vest without a gat, use a target jack,
Hustle hard, money stack, sell that dope, sell that crack,
Sell that pack, sell that gat, sell that pussy, holla back
Yo Em, too much weed, man I'm bent, I'm outta here

Man I ain't going to jail
Not even to visit a nigga
You want to holla at me, you wright me,
Rollin around on a CG nigga,
Or matter a fact I might be in Detroit,
Riding down 8 Mile road,
You know, for one of them en-joints and shit,
Ya heard, I got place to go man,
You know, INVERT nigga,
We finished our print money,
Puttin' our faces on this motherfucking bill thug shit,
Call it buke,
Ain't seem to be doing much...

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Hey People;
Sometimes i wanna jot some shit down here, cause im sad, ill, insane, i don know.
Now im thinkin who can really understand me by reading some bullshit, or even face me, talk to me, console me, comfort me or . . .So better go deep in Desert and think...cut the shit off, thinkin? im not sure my mind's dead and my body's alive, or may be im just the brain......where is my love....get off.....get the fuck outta me..... . . .such a rush...........iLOVEyou.............dont you love me any more????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????its just like you said.........say it again.... . . . . . .KHHHSSHHPHHH.... . . ...HHhhmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yeah. . . . . . ......
Thank you for your help. SUNSETSYRUP

Unfortunately Here's a good enviroment, I will try later.

Shut da fuck Up man, don't act like those JD pussy clowns, Please!

You Pussy Ass Niggga!#

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 ¿Da Message Is Clear Dawg`
Yo, yo we can't stay alive forever
So if shit hit the fan then we might as well die together
I'm high as ever, more holes and more cheddar
Lil Em move around wit them pounds and berreta's
Yea faggot, if I want it I'm gon' have it
Regardless if it's handed to me or I gotta grab it
Don't make a ass outta yaself tryin to stop me
I'm cocky, raps rocky, nigga you sloppy
You know that I'm, 8 levels above you nigga
I'll club you nigga, I never heard of you nigga, ugly nigga
I'm the wrong one to provoke
You rattin on niggas is only gon' leave you smoke
So the only thing left now is ghost of these cowrads
I got no friends, fuck most of these cowards
They pop shit 'till we start approaching these cowards
While we lay around dollars, they lay around flowers

اندر احوالات شیخ بهمن قبادی (ماجراهای آقا بهمن و فیلمش)ـ

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منت خداي را، عزّ و جل، که دوربين دست گرفتن در اين مملکت باعث افتخار است و هرکه از والده محترمه قهر مي کند طريقه اعتراض و ابوزوسيّون را پيش مي کيرد. هر بازيگري که دئاف مي شود ممدّ حيات است و هر دئافي بازيگر شود، مفرّح ذات.


و اما اندر احوالات شيخنا و مرشدنا و افشا گرنا، شيخ بهمن(قبادي) کاشف الاسرار في ضلال(طال الله زبانه. هماره به باديه ي فرنگيه ره مراقبه اختيار کرده و در بحر مکاشفه [روکسانا] مستغرق شده؛ دم از وطن و غيره پرستي همي زد و لب بر نطق و جَرَز  همي گشود. باري که از بحر مکاشفه شنا کنان بيرون آمده، مريدان را ندا داد که يک کمراي اس-آي-تو-کِي رديف کنيد. محبان سر طاعت فرود آورده، في الاصوات اثلاثه برايش رديف همي کردند. باري ديگر گفت آدم جمع کنيد؛ دوستان به خوف افتادند که آيا دعواست يا شرّي در قدر و قضاست با زنگ آخر دم در مدرسه يا چه؟ شيخ فرمود کارتان نباشد و جاست دو ايت و جملت که گفت يکي از مريدان نعره ها زد و سودا به سر گرفت و سر به بيابان عدم گذاشت و زان پس رصد نشد. دگر بار فرمود آلات طرب خواهم. خلق انگشت حيرت به دندان گزيدند و پرسيدند تو را با آلات طرب و غيتار و درام و مزقون و تنبور چه کار؟ فرمود دانم چيزي که شما ندانيد. پس سوال همي کردند، باز همان پاسخ همي شنيدند و تا چهل يوم فرياد "وا موسيقيا" در همي دادندي. تا يوم چهلم که خلق الله درمانده شده و از علم شيخ کف از نهادشان همي خارج مي شد، ناگهان مرشد لب گهر بار به دُرّ سخن آراييد و فرمود فيلم خواهم ساخت اندر احوالات مطربان تحت الارض. جمله خلق را شگفتي آمد که از احوالات موزيقي داني؟ فرمود دانم. طفل همساده آمده براي من ايب-آب مي خواند آنوقت لماذا سکوت؟(تا کي سکوت؟)پس فلذا به اين دليل به پا خيزيد برادران، نه وقت سکوت و مراقبه است که بچه هاي مردم از دست همي روند گر آهنگ نخوانند. با اين فرمايشات بود که يکي از سالکان طريق در جا تَرَکيد و بقيه با شيخ همراه شدند.
چرخ گرديد و فيلم شيخ ساخته و مجوز ناداده و دل وي خون گشت. ليکن باز مرام را حال کن، -نه مثل آن داريوش مهر جو که آدم کم ظرفيتي است و مثل شيخ ما اوپن مايند نيست- شيخ ما برگشت گفت: حلالتون باشه. بريد ببينيد حال کنيد. هر چقدم خواستيد تکثير کنيد تا همه بدونند کل پوم آينده مملکت ما دست اين جک و جووناس که مزقون مي زنن. از اين صحبت خلق را حيرت بسي آمد که يا شيخ! مگر نگفتي: کلّي پاي اين فيلم زحمت کيشيدم ؟ شيخ در گوشي اصحاب را گفت: بابا حالا دوربينمون که ديجيتاله خرج نگاتيو و امثالهم نداريم، بازيگرام که ماشالّاشون باشه خودين، کارگراي ساختمون بقلي رو ميوورديم بيشتر کار مي کردن، لوکيشنم که چيزي که زياده زيرزمين، يکي از بچه ها هم پشت مي کرد يکي ديگه باهاش درام مي زد، گيتار هم خودم مي زدم، يه راسو هم داشتيم که بيس مي داد، تازه سروش هم با غيرت و وطن و اينا خرش کردم مفتکي بازي کرد. برا خرج هاي متفرّقه هم که اين پسره اشکان رو ديدين چه خوشگل بود، از اون به عنوان کارت اعتباري استفاده کرديم -که البته اين اواخر شارژش تموم شد مجبور شديم واسش بدوزيم-؛ و کذا و کذا. همانجا بود که اصحاب از شنيدن اين اسرار قدسي، به شگفت آمدند و بعد از تلفات حاصله جملگي گفتند مارمولک تر از تو فقط کماله(از نوع تبريزي) بهمن جون.
پس چون شيخ را در ديار خود تحويل نگرفتند، ره هجران پيش گرفت و کشکول نعمت بر کف و تبرزين نقمت بر دوش راهي وادي معرفت شد. اصحاب پرسيدند به کجا چنين شتابان شيخ؟ فرمود از من باز ايستادن نخواهيد و بازگشت انتظار نداشته باشيد که اينها روکساناي مرا گرفته، مرا حسابي رنگ آميزي نموده، ذوق بچّه را کور کرده اند و خشانت و جنايت را به حد کمال رسانيده اند. اصحاب يواشکي چشمکي زدند و گفتند که شيخ! شما با اين دبدة و کبکبة يعني خود نمي دانستي که اين فيلم لا مجوز است؟ آنجا بود که شيخ در گريبان مراقبه فرو رفت و حالات وحي درش نمايان شد، پس او هم يواشکي لمحه اي دلبرانه زد و فرمود: حالا اينجا که کسي نيس. غريبه هم که نيستيم. از خدا هم که پنهون نيس، از شما چه پنهون که والّا اگه يه درصد احتمال مي دادم که تو سينماهاي ايران اکران بشه که ويديويي نمي گرفتمش که! که از اين عبارات جمعي از اصحاب، لغد زنان و جيغ کشان غرقه درياي معرفت شيخ گشته، تلف شددند.باقي ياران گفتند که پس گر ميروي مارو هم با خودت ببر. شيخ گفت: لا! که فيوض معنوي و اشارات روحاني عالم معنا را کدامتان تاب توانيد آورد. پس اصحاب باز جملگي اصرار کردند که لا اقل وختي داري ميري سفر، غيتارو با خودت نبر... و اينجا عن قريب بود که استاد با تبرزين طاعنان را دو شقه کند که به فرمان الهي از خير آنها نيز گذشت و مانند بقيه آنها را نيز به خدا واگذار کرد.
باري که به ديار کن رسيد، همه را غرق در درياي دانش خود ديد و ملت براي او کف(با دست) همي زدنند و جيغ و سوت مي کشيدندي. به او جايزه ها دادند و حال ها همي کرد و طاقچه هايي را يکي يکي بالا گذاشت. و از کرامات شيخ اين بود که في الحظه که پايش را از ممالک بيرون مي گذاشت، همين که آزادي را استشمام مي کرد و دموکراسيّ از رگ و پي و ما تحتش عبور مي کرد، نطقش باز مي شد و از خود پالس هاي آزادي و کذا در مي نُمود. پس کن به وي جايزه داد و خلق الله در همي مانده بودند که: تو کن به چي چي جايزه ميدن؟ بعضي گفتند: به خوشگل. بعضي حدس زدند: به هرکي بهتر بتونه خارجي حرف بزنه. پاره اي نيز مي گفتند: به اَبَرفیلم جایزه می دهند. که شيخ خود همانجا با راندن سخن، دهان اين طاعنان از دم بکوفت که ديگر کسي(بهرام) بيضايي نداشته باشد از اين حرف ها بزند. والله که مگر غير از دانش فوق بشري شيخ در مورد سينماست که آوارد هاي فراوان براي او به ارمغان آورده است؟هان؟يالّا جواب بده، جواب بده؟

و از ديگر کرامات ايشان اين بود که شيخ عباس کياکلا (دامت الله رِي بنه) -که مقامات زيادي در کن و جشنوارگان ديگرداشت- را عتاب نمود و او را مورد تنبيه و تقبيح ملوکانه قرار داده وي را از رفتن به راهي جز راه خود باز داشته بود. و چنان بر او گل و بلبل مي آراييدند که بيضايي سوال کردن از او نداشت. باري که بني بشري سوال کرد:يا شيخ! هل فکرتُ بالشعورِ المخاطب؟(يعني اي شيخ! آيا تا به حال آب زرشک نوشيده اي؟) پاسخ آمد: نوشيده ام. اتفاقاً مملکت خودمون که بوديم، هر وقت با روکسانا تنها مي شدم، با هم در اين مورد بحث و تبادل نظر مي نموديم.

باري از وي مسالت کردند: شيخ! خود را توصيف کن. شيخ نپذيرفت. آن شخص که بيکار سيريشي بيش نبود، هفتاد سال مي رفت و مي آمد و کيليت کرده بود. تا اينکه روزي شيخ اين لولوان درياي معرفتش را بيرون ريخت و سپس به سمت عالم معنا دويد و پس از آن تا کنون ديده نشد:

اي برتر از عباس و مجيد و ابراهيم/وز هرچه ساخته اند و شنيديم و ديده ايم

مجلس تمام گشت و به آخر رسيد فيلم/ما همچنان در اوّل وصف تو مانده ايم

والسّلام. م


کس چون تو طريق فيلمسازي نگرفت/با کن، نشان بچّه بازي نگرفت

زين پيش دلاورا، کسي چون تو به فيلم/حيثيّت عقل را به بازي نگرفت

با تلخيص

از تذکرة في الاحوالات الشيوخ الدايرکتور ایرانی زاد
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none of us ryde through your hood, with no good willness,
dude, your elder respect is sold, ima nineteen but ma mind is old, feelin bold, cuz GangstAz blood runs cold, you niggaz are shook, here's the story gets told, time to reload this old forty-five colt...

Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion

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Johannes Kepler, the great mathematician, who proved laws of planetary motion, had no fame till last years of 16th century, when he wrote a book which introduced him to other scientists. In his book he showed how we can measure the distance between the planets. He believed that distance of two planet depends on the geometrical shape that could be placed between them. Of course he thought wrong, but his book took attention of an astronomer, Tycho Brahe, who demanded a mathematician. Kepler began to assist Tycho and found that Tycho's beliefs does not agree with his observations. Also he derived that Copernic's theory about circular orbit of planets was wrong.

Three Laws
According to physic's laws about effect of gravitation force on circular motion, when two bodies, one with less mass and the other with much more, gravitate each other, the body with less mass orbits the other one. Kepler derived laws that describe this motion:
1. The orbit of every planet is an ellipse with the Sun at a focus.
2. A line joining a planet and the Sun sweeps out equal areas during equal intervals of time.
3.The square of the orbital period of a planet is directly proportional to the cube of the semi-major axis of its orbit.

These laws describe the motion of any two bodies in orbit around each other. The masses of the two bodies can be nearly equal, e.g. Charon—Pluto (~1:10), in a small proportion, e.g. Moon—Earth (~1:100), or in a great proportion, e.g. Mercury—Sun (~1:10,000,000).
Since Kepler stated these laws as they apply to the Sun and the planets, and did not know of their generality, this article discusses these laws as they apply to the Sun and its planets.

First Law
"The orbit of every planet is an ellipse with the Sun at a focus."

where (r, θ) are heliocentric polar coordinates for the planet, p is the semi-latus rectum, and ε is the eccentricity.
The prevailing belief was that orbits should be based on perfect circles. This observation was very significant at the time as it supported the Copernican view of the Universe. This does not mean it loses relevance in a more modern context. A circle is just one form of an ellipse, but most of the planets follow an orbit of low eccentricity, meaning that they can be crudely approximated as circles. So it is not evident from the orbit of the planets that the orbits are indeed elliptic. However, Kepler's calculations proved they were.

Second Law
"The line joining a planet and the Sun sweeps out equal areas during equal intervals of time"

where is the "areal velocity".
This is also known as the law of equal areas. To understand this let us suppose a planet takes one day to travel from
point A to point B. The lines from the Sun to points A and B, together with the planet orbit, will define an (roughly triangular) area. This same area will be covered every day regardless of where in its orbit the planet is. Now as the first law states that the planet follows an ellipse, the planet is at different distances from the Sun at different parts in its orbit. This leads to the conclusion that the planet has to move faster when it is closer to the Sun so that it sweeps an equal area.

Third Law
"The square of the orbital period of a planet is directly proportional to the cube of the semi-major axis of its orbit."

where P is the orbital period of planet and a is the semimajor axis of the orbit.
Third Law published by Kepler in 1619, This captures the relationship between the distance of planets from the Sun, and their orbital periods.